Helping our patients live the greatest number of healthy days possible.

Rise Health, acquires clinically-excellent primary care practices in the southwest and provides our clinicians with the tools, data, time & resources to deliver the best patient care in a global risk environment. Our senior team’s clinical expertise and deep operational know-how enables our clinicians to help their patients live the greatest number of healthy days. We believe this is why caregivers went into medicine to begin with!

We built Rise Health around empowering our clinicians to reduce their own financial risk, improve health outcomes and increase their profitability.

Rise Health is the leading payvider in the Southwest US, that acquires clinically excellent primary care providers and provides tools, resources, time, data, clinical expertise, and deep operational know-how to deliver the best patient care in a global risk environment.

It’s Time To Enjoy Practicing Medicine Again

Rise Health and our clinical teams work together to achieve the collective goals of:

Rise Health and our clinicians put patients first ensuring health care goals and interests align, to achieve the best healthcare outcome.


Provide higher quality medical care to patient


Reducing financial risk

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To focus on the patient

To have actionable analytics at the point of care

To dramatically cut down on non-clinical work

To have a platform to automate appropriate coding

To be rewarded for keeping patients healthy

To access the best-in-class technology & tools to make the right care easy and efficient

Why We Are Focused On Value Based Care

Rise Health believes primary care is the best solution to the present disconnect between patient outcomes and spending in the American healthcare system. Rise Health aligns our provider’s patients' health with financial rewards. Rise Health believes the relationship between payers and providers must be transformed to meet the demands of all stakeholders. Rise Health is focused on providing its clinicians with the ability to grow and to support their plans of engagement, intelligence, and infrastructure to meet the needs of their diverse patient population.

Aligned incentive contracting

Powerful technology to efficiently and effectively enable health for patients

Being on the cutting edge of changing American healthcare

Effective physician compensation and incentives

Primary care leading the way to health

Clinician Focused leadership and organizational structure

Reducing financial risk

Provide higher quality medical care to patients

Rise Health brings proven care delivery and clinical innovations to providers and patients - to ensure that people receive the right care when, where and how they need it.

Rise Health uses the latest in healthcare analytics and care delivery technology enabling our care teams with the tools and support to deliver on people centered care.

If your Practice is feeling these pain points then you should talk to Rise Health

If you want the patient at the center of your relationship, then let’s talk!


Continuous increased costs


Hospital systems see you as just a referral source


Your patients are receiving reactive sick care more often than preventative health care


You have fallen behind on technology & the demands of keeping up are challenging


Your team spends too much time on work that doesn’t add clinical value


Finding, managing and retaining talented practitioners


Health plans are unhelpful or difficult partners in patient care

Rise Health puts primary care and the patient back in the driver seat

The Rise Health payvider model can turn your practice into a growth engine that supports sustainable margins and better health for all-which is a win-win scenario for the industry and patients.